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Peter Lindholm - Wingstroke of memories Peter Lindholm - Wingstroke of memories


“I believe we are meant to be happy. The beautiful expressions with photography can fulfill  every single soul with more happiness. Wake up every day and be surrounded by fine art, memorable pictures which making you feel good"

Let me inspire your journey, find your way from motive, picture to print.

Let yourself be in charge of your mood management and emotional release, get your pictures up the walls and start spread happines around you.

Photography has been my interest and passion since college, thats quite some time ago, acctually half a man's age :)

I have learned a lot by doing, trying, experimenting, attending workshops and exchanging experiences with others. 

Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but footprints
Kill nothing but time
Bring nothing but memories

Photo Awards

Winning picture 2017 - Vigelandsparken


workshop with Knut Koivisto - How to take authentic portraits

Knut Koivisto is one of Sweden’s most respected portrait photographers.

Photocamp 2019

   - Lightning
   - Fashion
   - Fine art

Masterclass workshop 2019

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